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Morgan Tilton - "Recovery For Body & Mind"

Morgan Tilton, age 25, and active outdoors-woman, began her training at Manic Training Highlands Ranch in late 2015. The following is her latest installment of periodic updates regarding her experiences and progress, inside and outside the gym, as it relates to Manic Training, in her own words.

Bigger Confidence, Lower Injury Risk

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Win Park - A Manic Man Made of Metal & Never Made of Excuses

First, a little about me: I have had 1 neck fusion, 2 shoulder surgeries on the right side (SLAP repair), each elbow has had reconstructive surgery on the Ulna nerve and a relocation, and I'll top it all off with my 5 hip surgeries (2 labrum repairs), one new hip on the left, and I'm on my second new hip on my right side.

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