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Fall Cycling Conditioning Program begins Oct 25

Manic Training Highlands Ranch is excited to announce the schedule for our highly anticipated Fall Cycling Conditioning Program.

Beginning October 25 and 27 at 730pm, we will be hosting 2 FREE Cycling Conditioning Workouts to the general cycling public. You may register now to save your spot in those two workouts here:

We have developed an extensive cycling conditioning program this Fall from November 1 through December 22.

Manic Training was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and has a devoted following of expert cyclists, both professional and recreational riders. Now in the Front Range, Manic Training has brought the best high intensity training program available to cyclists to the Highlands Ranch area. The highly varied, yet purposefully designed programming involves extensive strength and power training of the core and lower body, along with intensive core/cardio combinations that will test even the most seasoned rider's lungs.
Many of you partake in Fall/Winter training that involve local cycling classes, mixed with your own particular strength workout. Manic Training will take your effort and your results into an entirely new level, all without taking any more time (in fact, it'll probably take less of your time).

Every Tuesday and Thursday from November 1 through December 22, (including the free workouts Oct 25 & 27) Manic Training will provide a dedicated workout directed towards the goals that cyclists need to further their cardio and muscle endurance/power. Tuesday workouts will be directed towards power and explosive movements of the lower body, while also strengthening your core. Thursday workouts will lean towards a more dedicated core/cardio workout that will work to further your high end aerobic and anaerobic capacities for those short hill climbs and sprints when you need it most.
The first and last workout of the training program will be the same. We will record your performance from the first workout, and then compare it to your last workout, so that you can see for yourself, the drastic results that Manic Training can bring to your cycling endeavors.

In addition, all participants of the cycling conditioning programs will have free access to the Manic Training Saturday morning classes (7am, 815am, and 915am) throughout the duration of the cycling conditioning classes.

Register for the Nov/Dec session NOW by signing up online at or by calling 401-487-6575 to speak with a Manic Training representative directly.


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