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Marissa Tuccy - Ready For Life & Army Strong

So the other day my battalion took our first APFT (army physical fitness test) of the year. For females in my age group to pass they need 19 push ups, 54 sit ups, and a sub 18:54 two mile run time. I scored on the extended scale for females and completed 54 push ups, 86 sit ups, and ran my two miles in 12:36. In addition to that I am currently training for the army ten miler race and am hoping to place in the top 100 females (there are over 35,000 both civilians and military personnel that run this race). My PR for a ten mile time trial has been 68:58 and I am hoping to run even faster come race time.

So why am I telling you this? Well, I would like to thank Manic and everything you and the other trainers have done for being a part in my success in becoming faster, stronger, more confident and more willing to challenge my physical abilities. Manic has helped me enjoy working out and has increased my running speed and endurance tremendously. I now have the motivation to push myself (and others) by participating in some friendly competition that originated from my experience at Manic. Even though I am away at school, I am already looking forward to "coming back to the playground" and getting another workout in when I come and visit in October.

Thanks again for helping me hit many PRs and for motivating me to keep getting faster and stronger.

Editors note: Marissa is a person of tremendous character who not only shows intense passion for her service to our country, but also true dedication to the upbringing of our local youths through her work as a staff member at the Highlands Ranch Community Association's "Backcountry Wilderness Area Summer Camps". Her drive and determination in her workouts are 100% indicative of the way in which she approaches every aspect of her daily life and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the Manic Family.


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