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  • July 2017 UPDATE:

    Between 2005 and 2015 my blood work came back with fairly consistent numbers. My numbers were OK (not alarming enough to be told to do anything but consider some exercise and diet changes), but they weren't great either. I didn't go through another screening until June 2017 and was shocked at the changes that have occurred:
    Total cholesterol dropped from 215 to 177

    Tim Schumacher
    Rugged Dad & Husband, Ex-College Football Player
  • Just shy of 100 workouts at Manic Training, I never would have guessed that the results would be as drastic as they have been. After a debilitating knee injury while water skiing, and a lengthy recovery process, staying in shape for everyday activities is mandatory.

    Rachel Short
    Manic Member and Semi-Pro water skiing fanatic
  • I am a Xterra (off-road) Triathlete and have been doing Manic Training for nearly a year. We joined soon after the Highlands Ranch location opened to stay fit during the winter months. I never liked the traditional “gym” and also felt that the other group fitness options were either too focused on heavy weight without sufficient cardio, or lacked the

    David Kinzel
    Manic member since Sept 2015
  • Today was it! 100 Workouts!

    Stephanie Condreay
    Manic Member - October 2015 - July 2016 (present)
  • First, a little about me: I have had 1 neck fusion, 2 shoulder surgeries on the right side (SLAP repair), each elbow has had reconstructive surgery on the Ulna nerve and a relocation, and I'll top it all off with my 5 hip surgeries (2 labrum repairs), one new hip on the left, and I'm on my second new hip on my right side.

    Win Park
    Metal Manic Member Extraordinaire - January 2016 to present
  • Paul, what made you start working out at Manic Training?

    I was constantly feeling old, tired, and sore. My hip was also bothering me. I was going to the gym, but I wasn’t doing appropriate exercises.

    On a scale of 1-10, regarding your fitness and your health, with 1 being poor and 10 being great, how do you feel you were before you began working out at Manic?

    I'd say, about a 5.

    Paul Arell
    Manic Member - Nov 04, 2015 - Present
  • What made you start a new workout routine?

    My family is most important. I want to be able to walk a 4 mile walk with my kids. When I first started Manic, I would get short of breath extremely quickly, and I had trouble getting up and down off the floor, even just taking care of my kids. It’s not easy carrying an extra 70 lbs of body weight!

    Heidi Weinstein
    Manic member - September 20, 2015 - Present
  • I have always been involved in athletics from a very early age. I began taking my athletics to the next level when I entered high school, training countless hours in the gym and on the field, trying to get faster and stronger.

    Abby Deblois
    Manic Athlete
  • My day-to-day lifestyle is fast paced, busy, and very active. From about 6am until 9pm I am on my feet all day, between working and volunteer firefighting. Prior to Manic Training, I had no set workout regimen; at most I would run short distance 1-2 times a week.

    Brian Kroll
    Volunteer Firefighter
  • Despite my sporting background, the thought of starting Manic Training made me nervous, intimidated and full of self doubt. I had convinced myself that Manic was only for the hardcore elite athlete. However, I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go.

    Astrid Reichelt
    Manic member


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