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  • Despite my sporting background, the thought of starting Manic Training made me nervous, intimidated and full of self doubt. I had convinced myself that Manic was only for the hardcore elite athlete. However, I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go.

    Astrid Reichelt
    Manic member
  • I was challenged by some friends to try Manic Training. I had just completed one of those “DVD workout” programs, and after starting Manic my goal was to see if I could even last a month. This was intense.

    Matt Mayer
    Manic member
  • In November it will be 2 years since I began Manic Training. Back then I was not eating healthy, drinking and I weighed 200 pounds. I tried at-home workouts and going to the gym but I could not get into either of them. I needed something different, and I got it.
    I remember one of the first exercises I did in Manic was a Turkish get-up. I was hooked.

    Jeff Snook
    Manic member
  • Almost exactly one year ago I arrived at my first Manic Training class. Throughout my second pregnancy, a few of my friends had started Manic, and they kept telling me how much I’m going to love it after I have the baby. They were exactly right. I loved it from the first class and since have become strangely addicted to it.

    Maureen Walsh Bomberski
    Manic member
  • The other day I realized it has been 3.5 years since I started Manic Training, and I’m still loving it!
    That’s surprising because I was never a fan of indoor exercise — and I have been to it all, from Jazzercize, step, circuit, to fat burner, spin and Zumba — I maybe lasted 2 months in each.

    Joan Donham
    Manic member
  • I had never been someone that would do workouts outside of a particular sport or activity. But then — as an aging rugby player — I found myself in Bushy’s garage at the birth of Manic Training. It was like nothing I had done before — very intense. As Bushy’s vision evolved, so did the commitment to myself. I needed to get fit for life, not just for a sport or activity.

    Eric Dorris
    Manic member
  • Manic continually challenges you to work harder and do more; no matter if it’s your 1st time or your 151st, you constantly push yourself. Instead of simply bolstering your strengths, you also focus on your weaknesses.

    Luisa Harkins
    Manic member
  • Manic Training has profoundly changed the way a compete from a physical, and mental standpoint. The get it done with no excuses mindset, that is in every Manic session, has elevated my physical skills as a Professional Golfer, and an Athlete. Perhaps more importantly have been the mental toughness benefits for me.

    Luke Brosterhous
    Manic member
  • It”s my choice to show up and work hard, It’s my choice to do my best, It’s my choice to not give up, It’s my choice to push to the end, My choice is MANIC TRAINING.
    BRING IT!!!!!!!!

    Todd Lodwick
    Manic member
  • As a college athlete I was driven to be the best I could be. I was a competitor; to compete with my teammates, and to compete against other teams. I was pushed to win. I thrived on it. As a working mom I am always pushed. Manic allows me to push myself, not be intimidated by my weaknesses, and recognize what needs to be improved, all without the fear of a loss.

    Meghan Alexander
    Manic member


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