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  • I am a Teacher and I bring a group of anywhere between 5-15 high school students to Manic Training. The group ranges from little athletic ability to world-class athletes. In the manic gym everybody is equal, and everybody works to and beyond their limits. This is most evident following a Manic Training session on the trip back to school.

    Brian Smith
    Manic member
  • Before I started training at Manic a little over a year ago, I felt my performance in the sports I love to compete at had completely plateaued. I had an inkling that I needed to add something to my training, but had no motivation to go to a traditional gym, stand around in the meat market, maybe lift some weights when the machines weren’t occupied and go home.

    Sarah Hamilton
    Manic member
  • I’m a desk job guy – and with the company that we keep in Steamboat – even recreational activity can take on a challenge that most don’t experience in other places. Manic Training gives me a solid base level of health to hang with the elevated fitness levels of most locals, and its a great bang for your buck- 2 or 3x a wk will keep the doctors away!”

    David Nagel
    Manic member
  • Manic training is positive, motivating and respectful of members’ individual strengths. The only yardstick for achievement is that each member tries to improve their own performance and not a competition among the participants. No one is ever made to feel bad. It is a credit to how you have designed the program and in particular how you have taught it. Thank you very much.

    Sabrina Bradley James
    Manic member
  • I have been going to manic for two years. However, I go home to California over my school breaks. It is amazing how much better and more fit I feel when I am working out at Manic. I did not know how much I enjoyed this kind of work out until I tried it and became hooked. I love to push myself and I feel amazing, and tired, every time I leave the gym. Manic makes me feel better about myself.

    Madison Marshall
    Manic member
  • What manic isn’t:
    What Manic is:

    Eve Stephenson
    Manic member
  • I have been doing Manic Training for over 1 year now. I absolutely love the program. It is so addicting because you get a different, intense workout everytime you walk through the door. The atmosphere is very friendly and encouraging also. I am honestly in the best overall shape I have ever been in. I have seen dramatic improvements in my skiing and my biking both in strength and endurance.

    Barbara Poirier Fix
    Manic member
  • After nearly two years of Manic, at 28, I still get my butt kicked three times a week and rarely miss a class.
    Manic was described to me early on inside the garage at Graham Muir’s home in Hayden as being addictive, and I eventually learned there are a number of reasons it is described that way. Manic helped me build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

    Matt Stensland
    Manic member
  • I had just turned 30 and still had some very big rugby goals that I wanted to accomplish and knew I needed to take my training and nutrition to the next level. I went to Bushy and asked him if he could help me work out a training program. His responses was simple, he asked me “Do you want to train, or do you REALLY want to TRAIN!”. So started my association with Manic Training.

    Michael Hurley
    Manic member
  • I’m a surgeon. It’s all about physiologic age. One year of Manic Training made me TEN years younger. This is keeping me in the game.

    Mark Hermacinski
    Manic member


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Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126