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  • Manic Training has kept my body healthy and strong. As an athlete, in the past I would muscle everything, now I work from the core and it has made all the difference.

    Karen Connell
    Manic member
  • I started Manic 2 years ago based on the recommendation of a friend. I can still remember him saying that at Manic, we do more in the warm up than most do in their full workout. Never a fan of lifting weights, I came in very weak but was still able to do a full workout due the variability of the training.

    Garrett Simon
    Manic member
  • What I love about Manic training:

    Lauren Zajic
    Manic member
  • Manic Training needs to be experienced to be appreciated. It is hard work, but only as hard as you want to make it. Anyone can do it. Manic Training is not just for hard-core athletes. Graham’s “no frills” environment and low-key approach inspires performance and promotes camaraderie. You will notice the results in everything that you do.

    Gary Schuck
    Manic Member
  • I have been doing Manic Training for about 1 1/2 years and I have never found a workout that is more interesting, fun and challenging.

    I love to ski, bike, swim, run and hike and I am better, stronger and faster at all of these since I started doing Manic. And at 39 I have never felt better about my body thanks to Graham and Manic!

    Adrienne Stroock
    Manic Member
  • Everyone wants to make a life changing decision. Manic training in every way was that for me. I was 300 pounds, sweated while I ate and was miserable. Going to the gym sucked. Going to Manic I felt part of something. The past two years I’ve dropped nearly 70 pounds just by doing Manic. I’m stronger, enjoy life more and am more active in every part of my life.

    Luke Graham
    Manic Member
  • In 4 months I’ve lost 10 lbs and have produced lean muscle mass as well, I’ve taken 2 ” off my waist and lowered my blood pressure 40 points and my cardio level is awesome. My wife says”ladies forget the Viagra, all your man needs is Manic Training”.

    Dave Barnes
    manic member


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