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Astrid Reichelt

Despite my sporting background, the thought of starting Manic Training made me nervous, intimidated and full of self doubt. I had convinced myself that Manic was only for the hardcore elite athlete. However, I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go.
I began with a Manic Lite class bright and early on a Saturday morning and remember nearly dying midway through the session as my fatigued arms could hardly lift the ropes let alone make them form wave motions. Thanks to the encouragement of the instructors and the camaraderie provided by my fellow workout partners, I survived my first session and have never looked back.
During my time at Manic I have been amazed at the strength I have gained, the fitness levels I have attained and am even more impressed with the mental stamina I have developed. With excellent, astute and well-trained instructors I continue to be challenged beyond my self-imposed limits gaining results that I never dreamed would be possible. So much so that at age 38 I made my debut at the Cowpie Classic for the Steamboat Springs Women’s Rugby Team.
I would recommend Manic to anybody. I’m not going to lie and say it is a walk in the park (unless that park is at the top of Mt. Everest), but the potential health benefits of a regular workout routine at Manic are remarkable. Each Manic session is a balanced workout focusing on different muscle groups, core strength and fitness. It is so well rounded that the skills developed through Manic participation are positively transferrable to any sport and everyday wellbeing.

Astrid Reichelt
Manic member


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Address 2000 E County Line Road
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