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Firefighter Brian Kroll - READY FOR LIFE

My day-to-day lifestyle is fast paced, busy, and very active. From about 6am until 9pm I am on my feet all day, between working and volunteer firefighting. Prior to Manic Training, I had no set workout regimen; at most I would run short distance 1-2 times a week. During my weekly training for the fire department, I began noticing that I was not performing to the best of my ability or to the same capacity as I had when I was a bit younger. I decided to try out a few gyms, where I was lifting weights and running, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I had wanted. I heard about Manic through a friend and signed up for a class the next day. Manic was exactly what I had been looking for in a workout: it’s an intense, full-body driven workout that incorporates cardio, weights, plyometrics and body weight exercises. I’ve been training at Manic Training South County for over a year and have noticed an incredible difference in my strength, endurance and my physical appearance. Even after a year, I still look forward to the workouts because no two workouts are the same. I would highly recommend Manic to anyone who is looking to make a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle.

Brian Kroll
Volunteer Firefighter


Phone 401.487.6575
Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126