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Heidi Weinstein - A Transformation in the Making!

What made you start a new workout routine?

My family is most important. I want to be able to walk a 4 mile walk with my kids. When I first started Manic, I would get short of breath extremely quickly, and I had trouble getting up and down off the floor, even just taking care of my kids. It’s not easy carrying an extra 70 lbs of body weight!
Ultimately I want to be able to ski again, and do it with my kids. Before starting at Manic, skiing all day would leave me in pain. I’m sure that Manic will change all that!

What is the difference in your weight and other body measurements since you started Manic Training?

On September 14, one week before I started my workout routine at Manic Training I weighed 224 lbs. As of January 1st I was 204 lbs, and now, January 12th, I am 201 lbs. My goal is 165 in the longer term, which was my weight when I got married.
In terms of measurements, on October 1st my waist was 47.75 inches, and on January 1st it was down to 43 inches. My chest was 49.5 inches, now down to 47.5 inches, and at my belly button, it has shrunk from a 50 inch measurement, down to a 46.5 inch measurement. I love that it is clearly showing nowadays!

What other lifestyle differences have you noticed?

I have significantly cut back my alcohol intake, to reflect my current lifestyle changes. It is now easy for me to climb stairs, and I enjoy taking long walks with my family. Exercises such as a basic lunge are no longer a struggle, and my stability has certainly increased. The exercise routine has changed my diet for the better, as I want to see results, and I’m now eating healthier with items such as vegetables and proteins and find myself fuller faster.

I can’t wait to go skiing again! It’s been 29 workouts at Manic Training since I began and I’m sure that the upcoming months will see further gains. Their 3 different workouts per week program has been a life changer!

What does Manic Training's mantra “READY FOR LIFE” mean to you?

Manic Training is getting me ready to retake the life I want to live with my husband and kids, to improve upon my current life with them. Not just for me, but for them too. I want to have all 4 of us skiing again, not just them out skiing, with me watching from the lodge. I want to share in all of their life experiences!

Heidi Weinstein
Manic member - September 20, 2015 - Present


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Address 2000 E County Line Road
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