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Manic Training - A must try for all triathletes!

I am a Xterra (off-road) Triathlete and have been doing Manic Training for nearly a year. We joined soon after the Highlands Ranch location opened to stay fit during the winter months. I never liked the traditional “gym” and also felt that the other group fitness options were either too focused on heavy weight without sufficient cardio, or lacked the
intensity I wanted. I have seen so much improvement!

I am stronger and faster now, having finished the Xterra Beaver Creek a full 15 minutes faster than my previous time!! Analyzing my training stats, I spent the same amount of time if not less training for it this year, while doing Manic 3x per week.

I am stronger and can lift more than 2x heavier than when I started on nearly every exercise. It’s lean muscle and not bulky feeling. Mental strength is also drastically improved.

I feel less injury prone and quickly realized how weak both my core and lateral movements had become from typical triathlon training. No more random pains that would have undoubtedly resulted in injury over time.

I would without question recommend Manic Training to anyone looking to increase their fitness and to push their physical and mental limits, without taking up a whole lot of time in your day!

David Kinzel
Manic member since Sept 2015


Phone 401.487.6575
Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126