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Manic Training - Progress Like No Other!

Just shy of 100 workouts at Manic Training, I never would have guessed that the results would be as drastic as they have been. After a debilitating knee injury while water skiing, and a lengthy recovery process, staying in shape for everyday activities is mandatory. I have always been an extremely active person with an passion for waterskiing and outdoor activities but after my knee injury saying in shape is a requirement for my leg to function with minimal restrictions and to allow me to continue skiing. Because of the 2 major surgeries, 6+months of a recovery and still no ACL what I do in workouts is always a bit of a mental stress on me. Myself and my trainer have always been extremely cautious of what I do, but yet have always pushed my limits to ensure I made a full recovery.

As an avid water-skie,r getting into competitions after the injury were at the top of my list. This meant serious in season and off-season training to hopefully get me to that point within a couple of years. As last season wrapped up I was looking for something different to add into my weight training and that is when I came across Manic Training. My trainer and I were both skeptical but we agreed that as long as I was cautious with my knee it couldn’t hurt. And how hard could some 60min class 2x a week actually be? (Manic Training is a 3x per week program, but I was starting with 2 due to other training regimens).

I remember my first three classes… they were so hard (both mentally and physically). Honestly I thought I was in pretty good shape when I started, but man the classes were humbling. Even after discussing the exercises and the class format with my coach he was concerned it would not be enough to keep me in the skiing shape required to ski in the off season but I insisted on making Manic a part of my routine for 30 days and then decide. After the first 3 weeks I was hooked, I loved the mental and physical requirements of the classes, but the true test would be how I performed during a late fall trip to Florida for water skiing. To my amazement I trained in Florida after having not skied for 5 weeks and I was in better shape than I was in when we ended the season. My stamina was higher than it had ever been and my ability to process the mental skiing demands were quicker and stronger than ever. This result and how I felt at the end of each training day really had me convinced that the Manic program had something amazing to offer.

Since then I have become an avid 3x per week Manic member. Usually when the ski season in CO takes off I drop to 3x per week weight training and then I ski 6-7 days a week but this season I dropped all of the weight training and have solely done Manic 3x per week and continued with my 6-7 days a week of skiing. This change has leapfrogged my skiing this year well beyond the goals I had set for myself. My stamina continues to surpass everyone I ski with and I am confident that is only because of Manic.

Besides the physical benefits I truly have enjoyed the Manic format (I still haven’t done the same workout twice), getting to know other Manic members and have loved seeing so many other people push themselves. Pete is a great coach and has a knack for pushing people safely and making an environment I am excited to workout in.

Thank you Pete and all of the Manic Members for making Manic such a great place to be a part of!

Rachel Short
Manic Member and Semi-Pro water skiing fanatic


Phone 401.487.6575
Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126