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Stephanie Condreay - 100 Workouts in!

Today was it! 100 Workouts!

Eight months ago I never could have imagined that today I would be confident, strong and have more self-worth than I have ever had. I would have never thought that three days a week I would be getting up at 4:30 a.m. to make sure I got my “me time.” These changes have touched every part of my life physically, emotionally and spiritually. These changes have impacted my health, confidence and my entire attitude about how to take life head on.
Making excuses and seeking pity, I hid from life. I honestly thought that being the mother of two children, with a full time job and being a loving and supportive wife, that there was no room for any “me time.” Every day I felt empty and unaccomplished. I put myself at the bottom and buried myself under a huge pile of processed and unhealthy foods.
Back in October, my husband found “Manic Training” as he was driving by! The big orange sign grabbed his attention. He stopped in and got the low down from Pete, then came home and excitedly told me how amazing the workouts sounded. It sounded new and different and most importantly it seemed fun. The next day I had my first workout. There was a moment, I remember, that I wanted to revert back to my excuses and run and hide. That day I promised to, for once, put myself first and continue with one foot in front of the other. When I first started I was barely comfortable on the 12” box jumps. Today I love trying every chance I get to jump higher. I now have moved up to the 24” Box. I was intimidated by pretty much everything in the gym. Now I walk into the gym feeling a sense of comfort and confidence knowing whatever Pete dishes out, I can tackle.
Three months ago my husband, who was religiously dedicated to triathlons and marathons had hit a plateau in his motivation. He was drawn to the originality of the workouts and was seeing my transformation and growth. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to learn what a “bunny” was!
Manic has proven to be more than just a “good workout.” I have lost 31 pounds, lost 26.5 combined inches, 7 of which were lost from my waist. I am now a healthy BMI of 21. The changes have been amazing not only in my body, but mentally as well. I have broken out of the cycle of negative excuses. I am strong, confident, smiling and loving life every day. My husband and I now barely ever miss a workout. We juggle our two children and full time stressful jobs by hitting the gym for the 5 a.m. workouts. Throughout the week we alternate days so one of us can be home with the kids. We all look forward to our family workout on Saturdays where we all can go together. The kids love to watch and when we get home they like to show us what they learned. They love to do burpees. It is an absolute privilege to work out next to my husband where just a glance across the gym keeps me motivated and wanting to push harder. The best part about Manic is that in exactly 100 completed workouts as of today (July 6, 2016), I have never done the same workout twice. There is something new and challenging around every corner. Manic has taught me that every day I need to try my best in every aspect of life. Not every 5 a.m. workout has been my best, but I come back the next day and give it everything I’ve got.
Thank you Pete and thank you Manic for giving me the strength and courage to face life head on!

Stephanie Condreay
Manic Member - October 2015 - July 2016 (present)


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