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Win Park - A Man Made of Metal & Never Made of Excuses

First, a little about me: I have had 1 neck fusion, 2 shoulder surgeries on the right side (SLAP repair), each elbow has had reconstructive surgery on the Ulna nerve and a relocation, and I'll top it all off with my 5 hip surgeries (2 labrum repairs), one new hip on the left, and I'm on my second new hip on my right side.

Having spent 30 years in Steamboat Springs, the birthplace of Manic, and hearing all of the positive reviews from their many members, I decided, with my wife, Shannon, to try out Manic Training Highlands Ranch after we moved to Highlands Ranch. We immediately fell in love with the workout concept. It also helped having the free week trial during which time we got a great feel for the program.
The mind-body connection, the coordination exercises, the core elements, aerobic mixed with anaerobic, and the trainer. But mostly, it's the safety with which the exercises are performed that have been the most important.

When I began Manic I felt as if I were in "good" physical shape for being 56 years of age, but most of what I would do would be to lift, and live a comparatively sedentary life. I had been told that there were things I shouldn't do, better yet, couldn't do. Well, the last 4 months have pushed me to the point of proving those doctors so VERY VERY incorrect. My core, my stability, my strength, my aerobic capabilities, my confidence, my happiness are off the charts with kick ass results!

Nowadays I am back to teaching Yoga again and have found my practice to have never been better. I now do things that I never ever thought would I would be able to do, due to a lack of strength combined with a weak core. Core means everything from my shoulders, down to below my hips. Now I can do pretty much everything I want with what strength I have acquired in the 4 short months of doing Manic Training's program. To do a handstand, to bring my foot all the way forward to get into some yoga poses, to do more than my fair share of core work (and keep going), these were all things I would need to assist myself through, or just stop to rest. Now, these a solid movements and seamless transitions that months ago would never have been possible.

Plain & simple, I have the confidence to DO!!! Now, this is after 4 months, YES only 4 months! It's simple, 3 times per week, 1 hour at a time...3 HOURS PER WEEK! It's easy (the 3 hours per week, that is). I can't wait to read through this in 4 more months to see where I have gotten to since I wrote this. The Manic Training program works so well!

A quick mention about my wife Shannon who is in this with me. Her transformation has been equally as positive. I say from hot, to hotter (Sorry, had to say this).

Pete, you have been so awesome to have as our trainer, our motivator, our inspiration, our teacher. Why go anywhere else to have your ass kicked!?

All you others that we see regularly, or that we have worked out with in the past but are now at different class times, you all kick ass! THIS KICKS ASS!

Thank you for letting me get my EVERYTHING physical (and mental) back!!

Win Park
Metal Manic Member Extraordinaire - January 2016 to present


Phone 401.487.6575
Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126