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How are we different from other programs?

Manic workouts incorporate functional movements across all planes of motion with weights and exercises appropriate to your individual ability.  We work from the core out working  across the body in all motions.  Every Manic workout focuses on the key components of fitness - strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.  
Some other gym's popular workouts are as short as 12 -25 minutes long, others vary with work and intensity.
While the emphasis varies, every Manic workout includes a strength and endurance, aerobic and anaerobic component. Manic workouts are always an hour long, with a ten minute warm up, 5 minute instruction, and approximately 45 minute workout incorporating a purposeful variety of exercises working through and across the entire body, making you stronger from the core, out. 
Manic’s emphasis is on personal achievement, from a motivational environment of fellow Manic members working alongside each other. Manic does not establish weight or time goals, rather in each Manic class you challenge yourself both physically and mentally and motivate others, instead of competing against others. Such competitiveness can lead to more frequent injuries as people push themselves beyond their acceptable limits. With a focus on form, a non-competitive stance and a steadfast emphasis on safety, Manic Training is a program that will yield impressive whole body results for years to come.
Many people are  making the switch to Manic Training, finding a challenging  program  in a safe environment, and encourages them to pursue their personal goals.
Great things have been done by other programs, and now Manic Training is taking it to another level doing great things better...making you READY FOR LIFE.
Which program is harder or right for you?? You have to sign up for your free week to find out.


Phone 401.487.6575
Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126