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How is Manic Training motivational vs competitive?

You may be working out next to someone who is been doing Manic for 2 years and using much heavier weights than you. You will not compete with this person, yet you will find it motivating to see them working just as hard as you.

You may develop a competitive nature in Manic but it is not something we teach nor strive for. The competitive nature that you may develop is simply a byproduct of your desire to constantly strive to become better than you have been. You can be competitive without there being “winners” or “losers”. You can also be competitive against yourself.

Example: 5 minutes on a rowing machine, one person rows 1510 meters. Next round, someone else rows 1535 meters. With 1535 being the new record, you may strive to reach or better that mark. Whether you reach it or not you do not win or lose, as it is simply a goal to strive for, not a mark to reach to win.

Friendly-motivational competition can foster healthy workouts, but we don’t accept the egos that say “I’m bigger, better, faster, stronger than you,” period!


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