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Who is Manic for? Who can do Manic??

Virtually ANYONE! Anybody with the will to work hard, and the desire for change and improvement. If you are looking for the “magic pill” or “overnight change” this program is not for you. This program is intended to make you READY FOR LIFE, not ready for your next cruise.

The Manic Training system is intended to begin, aid, or supplement one’s change in lifestyle. It has been shown that it takes an average of 60 days to break/or begin a habit. The Manic Training program can be highly addictive (caution! you’ve been warned!), which is demonstrated by our high client retention rates, low injury rates (especially compared to other HIIT programs), and your own personal results that you achieve! With your great results you’ll quickly realize positive differences in your particular lifestyle whether it be work, athletics, home life, or a mixture of any of these. However, let’s face it, we all just want to LOOK BETTER NAKED.


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Address 2000 E County Line Road
Littleton, Colorado 80126