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Keeley Burns - Strong Manic Mom!

Manic Training athlete Keeley Burns is a full time attorney, wife, new mom, ironman finisher and marathoner, skier, peak bagger and all-around nature lover. No matter how busy life gets, Keeley is relentlessly devoted to staying active—which (more important than any race) creates the foundation of her wellbeing.
Manic caught up with Keeley to ask how she’s approached her physical activity throughout and post pregnancy.

Manic: Tell us about your athletic background.

KB: I’ve done a few marathons, lots of half marathons, three half Ironmans, and an Ironman. Before Manic Training, I did CrossFit for many years, as well, along with longer endurance goals. Outside of racing, my husband Steve and I have climbed a lot of 14ers and mountains and we ski a ton.

Manic: What was your training routine during pregnancy?

KB: I still went to Manic three days a week. I had some pretty nasty all-day sickness—but Manic was the only time of day that I felt good. I think it was because I wasn’t thinking about how sick I felt!

Manic: Awesome to hear that it helped your nausea! Prior to labor, when did you stop training?

KB: I feel super lucky: I went to Manic until the day before I went into labor! I know that’s not the reality for a lot of women, and I feel grateful that I was able to keep it up the whole time.

I worked out on a Friday, and then I went home and told Steve, ‘I think I should start winding down.’ Then, our son Teddy came a few weeks early. I went into labor the next day, on Saturday. I had him on Sunday.

Manic: What advice can you offer to pregnant women, as they gauge their own training?

KB: If you’ve never done Manic, don’t start when you’re pregnant. I had been going and really wanted to keep it up:

First, I had a lot of conversations with my doctor and check-ins to make sure it was still okay for me to do.

Then, when I was working out, I made sure I could carry on a conversation and was not pushing myself so hard that I couldn’t breath, because then the baby doesn’t get all of the oxygen it needs.

As it got later in the pregnancy, I was really taking things easy. I would tell Pete, ‘I don’t feel comfortable doing’ a certain move, and he was so great and would modify. For instance, instead of box jumps I was doing step-ups. If I did a workout and my back hurt that night, then I would figure out a modification for the next time.

A lot of moves eventually got awkward with a big belly and I modified every single move.

Manic: How did working out at Manic during pregnancy make you feel?

KB: Working out at Manic made me feel really good throughout my pregnancy. I felt energized, felt that I had control over my body, and I continued to feel strong, which was all really important to me.

Manic: Postpartum, when did you return to Manic?

KB: I started as soon as I could, at six weeks postpartum. It was definitely hard at first. I couldn’t do the weights that I could before I had Teddy, but I was amazed at how quickly it came back. It only took a month or two before I felt strong and fast (at first, I would alternate between feeling strong or fast.) Manic also helped with losing the baby weight.

Manic: What motivated you during the postpartum transition?

KB: I think Manic and exercise is something that women can do for themselves after they give birth. It’s ‘me time’ away from Teddy, it makes me feel really good, and it’s really important for me. So, I make the time to do it even if I’m busy with the job and the baby and other obligations. I make it a priority.

Manic: What advice can you offer to other pregnant women who want to maintain their activity?

KB: The experience is person-to-person: I feel lucky that I was so active before I was pregnant and then I kept it going. I never took a break and kept the consistency, which was key for myself—mentally, physically and emotionally—until Teddy came.

Manic: As a new mom and full-time attorney, what does your schedule look like?

KB: We have a nanny to help, and I’m back to work with the typical 40-hour workweek. Right now, I go three days a week to Manic. I go after work, once Steve is home. And Steve goes to Manic in the morning.

Other than Manic Training, I am walking with the baby and hiking at ton—we are trying to get him outdoors. Getting Teddy outside is super important to us even if he is in his carrier!


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